A Women's Residential Program for Addiction and Emotional Issues


Carmelina's Home - Mater Dei is a women's long-term residential program.

Carmelina's is a holistic program in the treatment and recovery of addictions, substance abuse and/or emotional issues for women looking to transform and change their current life journey. Carmelina's is a non-medical, therapeutic program and in a residential community setting. It is structured, and requires a personal commitment and the courage to make significant change.

Carmelina's embodies a spiritual and holistic approach in the treatment and recovery of any form of addiction, substance abuse or other emotional issues. As reflected in our butterfly symbol, we lead a journey that includes education, counselling and personal transformation. A new life unfolds.

This new journey includes education and counselling. It is an opportunity for a new beginning and a chance to create a new life plan. Learn and understand about life and your potential to make real change.

The program operates out of a home in Toronto's west-end and is a community of women living together in a residential setting. Each woman has the opportunity to think, reflect, and make changes through learning new behaviours and coping skills. It is about understanding, appreciating and loving life.

Carmelina's Home is a program that works. Graduates from the program have created a new life for themselves.

Now, we offer you the same possibility. You deserve this chance and only you can make this happen. If you are interested in pursuing change, please contact us to inquire about the program.


Friday, November 3, 2017

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